How To Deal With Winter Weight Gain

July 19, 2015
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Weight gain in winter is like Oreos and milk, they just go together – maybe the Oreos might have something to do with the weight gain, too – because when you’re covered up and snug in your coats for work and stretchy pyjamas at home, it’s easy to ignore the weight gain that might be creeping on from extra full fat hot chocolates and warm, cheesy lasagna leftovers when you can’t be bothered to cook.

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Weight gain is different for everyone and there may be reasons behind it that you haven’t even thought of before. You could even be using winter as an excuse behind your weight gain when it’s something else entirely.

Dealing with winter weight gain isn’t easy; dealing with any kind of weight gain is usually no walk in the park, so it’s important to take manageable steps to overcome it and reduce your weight back down so that you feel fit and healthy.

  1. Identify the reason for your weight gain

Your weight gain is most likely to be from the deterrence of cold weather to stop you going to the gym or getting outside to exercise. It might be that you’re eating more and you feel the need to keep eating to feel warm. It might even be something deeper than either of those and you might be feeling unhappy in your job or relationship, causing yourself to eat more or exercise less. Or, in opposition to this, you may be feeling extra happy in your relationship or job, causing you to fall into a comfort zone.

  1. Make a plan to overcome the reason for weight gain

After you’ve identified the reason, it’s time to overcome it. Whether it’s laziness or happiness or comfort, overcoming the reason might be a shock to your system but it’s the shock you need to get back in shape. Even just identifying the reason might be shock, but that’s what needs to be done to overcome it. If it’s laziness, it’s time to look at the weight you’ve actually gained and try and put on a pair of your old skinny jeans for motivation. If it’s comfort, it’s time to look back at some pictures of when you first met you partner or started your job. And if it’s unhappiness, in work or a relationship, you need to identify what it is that makes you unhappy and start taking steps to fix it, so you can get your motivation back. After all, happiness is a great tool to want to feel good about yourself.

  1. Take action

It’s all well and good to say you’re going to do something and to make a plan, but actually taking action is completely different. Pushing yourself to go to the gym and put down the Tim Tams is a work of self control that takes consistant motivation to get through. But once you start and make yourself a habit, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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