How to Deal with Emotional Saboutage

October 2, 2001

Some people, especially girlfriends, find it threatening and they may unconsciously try to stop your progress by making cutting comments. Here are some you might expect – and here are our answers to diffuse them with humour.

Crushing Comment

“You are far too skinny at the moment. Pretty soon there will be nothing left of you.”

Clever Comeback

“Actually, all these healthy habits are expanding my spirit – so less of me means more for you!”

Crushing Comment

“How can you exercise in the morning? You already have so much to do”.

Clever Comeback

“Thanks for offering to help – the kids eat breakfast at 7am, the dog needs his walk by 9 and I need the house cleaned by 10.”

Crushing Comment

“It takes most women five or six times to really kick smoking you know”.

Clever Comeback

“Then I may as well get numbers two, three and four out of the way.”

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