December Horoscopes

December 1, 2010

December Horoscopes

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This is a month when you can climb to the top of the tree, professionally speaking, but your path may be temporarily blocked by flashy types, who like bright red Christmas lights are altogether too obvious. They may stop your progress, but recognise that your tree is firmly planted, while theirs is only around for a short while, just like the decorations, they will soon be taken down and forgotten about.


With Venus at her brightest in the morning sky, like the star at the top of the Christmas tree, you are set to shine. Even though you may be feeling a little exposed, you will take easily to this new leadership role. There are no rules now, except those that you create yourself. Don’t be afraid to set new higher standards for yourself, or for others, even if you think they will be too tough to maintain.


Mercury retrogrades for the last time this year, and this one is a doozey. Pluto and Mars combine with the trickster planet to cause you no end of frustration. Everything gets tangled, like a box of Christmas decorations that has been shoved in the back of a cupboard. You may be the one assigned to sort it all out before Christmas. Your Christmas gift this year will be recognition for a job well done.


The total lunar eclipse just before Christmas could bring family issues to a head at the dinner table. This turkey has been stuffed with leftovers from last year, the same old family conversations which are endlessly regurgitated. This year, a new dish may be served and you may be the one dishing it up. You are likely to be in a quirky mood, so have fun with the menu. Keep it jolly.


Like the Sun, you are accustomed to being at the centre of things, but at this time you are reminded that on special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas, others are apt to take the limelight. With everyone focused on Christmas, you will have to follow suit. So why not dress up as Santa and give out some presents. That way you will be acknowledging others and still getting the attention you deserve.


This year you may decide to host Christmas dinner, but don’t leave the screen door open, or a horde of hungry locusts will swarm in, pig out and leave a huge mess in their wake. While you have more than enough food to go around, their table manners leave much to be desired. They say that revenge is sweet, and best served cold. As you dish up dessert you might be ready to add a dollop.


You are almost always mindful of others. You recognise the value of alternative viewpoints and understand the myriad differences that make the world turn. What annoys you is when these same people are not as considerate, especially at this time of year when everyone is meant to be on their best behaviour. Try not to get too hot under the collar of your Santa suit lest you start to behave like them.


The morning star is dazzling, just like the star at the top of the Christmas tree. From this elevated vantage point you are in the best possible position to see exactly what it going on. Something may come to light this Christmas which was previously hidden from view. Ready or not, all will be revealed. You may have a surprise gift of your own to give in return.


Friends, colleagues or family may be saying one thing and doing something else entirely. Your confusion could result from your attempts to squeeze too much stuffing into the Christmas turkey. With everyone waiting to be served, you might have to leave something out. Ensure this choice you make in the full light of day, rather than a last minute oversight.


Seeing red is not just about getting annoyed. Red also means stop what you are doing. Red is also the colour of joy, passion and fun and there is plenty of that about at this time of year. Ensure you take a break from your busy schedule to indulge in some of these pleasures. Though there are still duties to be undertaken, shelve work for the moment and keep your ‘bah humbugs’ to yourself.


The emphasis this month is on money. Your income is likely to receive a boost, with a Xmas bonus on the cards. By all means spend a little on others and while you are at it why not buy a gift for yourself; you fully deserve it after all the work you have put in this year. Whatever you do though, don’t blow it all on Christmas shopping, or max out the credit card. Come the New Year you will surely regret it.


Jupiter and Uranus bring you a bounty of gifts and opportunities this Christmas. In fact, it might seem like all your Christmases have come at once. Of course, after Christmas there often comes that unmistakable feeling as you realise you have indulged just a little bit too much. By all means enjoy the holidays, but be mindful that in the New Year you will have to take a more disciplined approach.

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