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3 Tips To Decorate Your Apartment for a Luxury Look on a Budget

3 Tips To Decorate Your Apartment for a Luxury Look on a Budget

Whether you’ve just moved into a large new apartment in a quiet town or you’re crammed in a small city apartment, making your place chic and stylish is still a must. But with sky-high prices, it can be hard to decorate your apartment without breaking the bank. Carolyn Mitchell shared her best tips for decorating an apartment on a budget.

Making your apartment feel luxurious doesn’t have to be just a dream, though. I’m here to tell you about some of the easiest ways to make your apartment look super luxe, even if you’re carefully watching your budget.

Paint Your Walls in Memorable Colours

Have you been staring at the same plain white or beige walls since you moved into your apartment? Adding memorable details, like a brightly coloured wall, can help boost the glamour factor. It’ll instantly add something special to your place and have guests oohing and ahhing.

Hiring a painter to create a mural can be a great use of your decorating budget. They can paint something directly on your wall that will be one of a kind. Or, if you’d prefer to keep saving, you can grab a gallon of paint in an unexpected colour and paint an accent wall all on your own. Feeling artistic? Try spicing things up with a stripe or polka dot pattern for an added touch of excitement.

Make Your Bed Look Beautiful

Creating a bedroom that looks like it belongs to the rich and famous isn’t too hard. All it takes is a nicely made bed layered with high-quality sheets, a great quilt or comforter, soft throw blankets, and extra-fluffy pillows.

Start with luxurious 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and a gorgeous, rich-looking blanket that will make your bed not only look great but will feel great to sleep in every night too. Higher quality (but still affordable!) sheets and blankets are a foundation for you to play with the rest of your bedding look.

Once you’ve picked your sheets and blanket, top your bed with colour coordinated throw blankets and pillows from your favourite home goods or department store. Mixing and matching different colours, patterns, and textures will make your bed look super luxe, even if you only spent a few bucks on each piece.

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Hang Some Unique Art On Your Walls

One last tip to create a beautiful apartment on a budget is to hang some great art on your walls. Take in each room as if it’s new to you, and think about where your eye goes as you enter the space or when you’re sitting down with guests. Think carefully about the size of the artwork that would look good on different walls, or if you could make a gallery wall out of a mix of pieces.

Once you decide where you’d like to hang some art, you can easily dress up your walls on a budget. There are tons of artists who sell their original prints online at affordable prices. Once you order the artwork you want, you can search thrift stores and department store sale sections for frames that are the right size. Don’t be afraid to have some fun mixing different frame colours and materials!

Luxury on a Budget

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon have an apartment you love to spend time in. Just because you’re trying to decorate on a budget doesn’t mean your apartment has to look boring and sad. With careful thought about how to spruce up your space, you can easily create a luxe look for less.

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Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor and maintenance. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home, and she is also a dedicated cat mom to two adorable kitties.

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