Demelza Reveley talks spring fashion

August 31, 2009

The winner of “Australia’s Next Top Model” talks spring fashion, her best beauty tips and how the show has changed her life.

How has life been since ANTM?

“My life has changed immensely since ANTM. I now study from home and am completing my HSC via correspondence. I wouldn’t have it any other way as I feel extremely lucky to have found something that I truly love and want to excel in.”

What are some of the incredible things you have done since?

“Since the show I’ve had the opportunity to experience some truly amazing things. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to New York twice, which is very special for me as I love the city so much. I have had the privilege of working with Ferrero Rocher, Napoleon Perdis and the Strand Arcade.”

How did winning ANTM change your life?

“Winning the show opened a lot of doors for me and made it a lot easier to get a head start in the fashion industry. I had never considered modeling before I went on ANTM and as I progressed in the competition I realised just how much my life had changed. The show has given me the connections and opportunities to set myself up in the industry for years to come.”

What are your fondest memories of ANTM?

“I guess going to Fiji would be a big highlight. We had such a wonderful time and the people were just so lovely. Fiji is such a beautiful destination and shooting with Russel James was certainly one of the most incredible opportunities I have been given. New York was probably the most memorable trip I have ever had (even though we were all sick with the flu and jet lagged the entire trip). Staying in a Manhattan penthouse apartment with the Chrysler building right outside your window was a truly ore inspiring experience. We were so lucky to have been given the experiences we had on that show.”

What did you learn from ANTM?

“I think the biggest thing I discovered on the show was myself. I was barely sixteen at the time and I thought that I was quite mature and knew what I wanted and needed. I was lucky to have so many inspiring and diverse people around who helped me to discover who I was and helped me grow up into an accomplished young woman.”

What fashion tips have you picked up recently?

“My taste in clothes had really changed in the last six months. I went from being very girly and preppy to introducing more mature and more individual pieces into my wardrobe. I guess the biggest thing I have learnt is that you can mix and match a lot to get a really unique look.”

Where is your favourite place to shop?

“I love the Strand Arcade in Sydney. It is like a Mecca of fashion. It houses all of my favorite designers under one roof and I love its old school charm. My favorite stores are Zimmermann, Bowie, Manning Cartell and the Corner Shop.”

What pieces did you particularly love from The Strand Arcade’s new season?

“I particularly loved the clothes from this season as they are very bright and summery. I adore all the pieces form Zimmermann and Manning Cartell. I think that the styling of the campaign really suited the Alice in Wonderland theme.”

What’s your favorite fashion website?

“I love this website called lookbook.nu. It is where people upload images of their favorite outfits and I find it really inspiring.”

What top beauty tips have you picked up?

“My biggest beauty tip is that a good cleanser toner and moisturiser go a long way. It is really important in modeling to have flawless skin.”

How do you stay fit and healthy?

“I eat really well and work out five days a week. In particular skipping really helps to keep my body in shape. I also drink a lot of water.”

How will you be spending your summer?

“I am planning a trip to Europe over the summer so I guess I will be missing the Australian summer altogether. But ordinarily I would be at the beach and having a lot of lazy afternoons with friends.”

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