Demystifying modern menus #11 – “crme”

June 3, 2000

What the hell are all those “cr?me” foods and drinks?Cr?me fraiche

is a mixture of sour cream and fresh cream.

Cr?me anglaise

is an egg sauce of custard made from sugar, milk, vanilla and egg yolk, stirred over heat until it coats the back of a spoon.

Cr?me chantilly

is whipped cream flavoured with vanilla and sugar.

Cr?me de framboise/banana/fraise/mocha

raspberry/banana/strawberry/coffee-flavoured liqueur.

Cr?me de menthe

a fresh, cool-tasting aromatic liqueur considered to have digestive properties; made from a distillation over soft peppermint beans; available in white or the more popular green.

Cr?me de cassis

is a blackcurrant liqueur with health and digestive benefits. Add to white wine to make a kir (a great pre-dinner cocktail) or to champagne to make a kir royale.

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