Demystifying Modern Menus #13 – Crustacean

July 3, 2000

How to tell one crustacean from another?Rock lobsters

Australian lobsters are called rock lobsters. They frequently called crayfish but should not be confused with freshwater crayfish. Varieties include the eastern rock lobster, which is also known as the Sydney-spiny or packhorse rock lobster, the southern rock lobster, the tropical or painted rock lobster, and the western rock lobster (the most prized and most expensive of all).

Balmain bugs

This crustacean is related to the sand lobster family, which includes crayfish. It’s similar to a Moreton bay bug except that the eyes are on the outer edge of the head and not in the centre.


This freshwater crustacean is found in Australian dams, creeks and rivers. The flesh, which is opaque when raw turns pearly pink and white when cooked; it has a delicate, sweet flavour

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Win a brand new Audi