Demystifying Yum Cha

May 3, 2000

The dummy’s guide to Yum Cha
Yum Cha, (literally ‘drink tea’ in Chinese) is the big thing to do on a lazy Sunday. But this type of soiree can be a recipe for disaster if you’re unsure. Before you know it you’ll be eating chicken’s feet and pigs liver and your friends will never ‘drink tea’ with you again. What to order:

Chinese Broccoli (gai laan): take a break from the meat-filled dumplings and order some greens that are usually soaked in oyster sauce.

Prawn Dumplings (har gau): these are the classic dim sum found in every Chinese restaurant. Fresh prawns wrapped in a paper-thin dough.

Egg custard tarts (darn tarts): you will either love or hate these. Soft flaky pastry jam-packed with egg custard.

Spring Roll (tsun guen): can’t go without a plate of these. Go for the vegetarian.

BBQ Pork Buns (cha siu bau): puffy white buns packed with sweet diced pork.

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