Denim Must-Haves

June 8, 2010

Jean Genie!

The Bold: Cheap Mondays, Tight Stone Wash $90 (

Cheap Monday Jeans are sold in various stores throughout the country – General Pants is the major chain. The best bit? No matter what stockist, they’re always priced at a sweet $90 for any style! There are no other jeans on the market under the $100 mark that are cut as fabulously and as durable as these. At this price experience you can be bold and experiment with different washes, like this 80s style stone wash.

The Beautiful: Country Road, Deep Grey Low Rise Skinny Jean $129.00 (, 1800 801 911)

Grey is the new black this winter and no one is doing this jean wash better than Country Road. Far from being dull or daring, grey is simply pretty. Paint your nails in this tone too for an overall look. These ones have a great low-rise cut – for those that are over harry high pants look!

The Bargain: Target, $39.00, Target: 1300 130 000.

It’s hard to remember a time now when Target wasn’t cool, isn’t it? Whether these jeans are your Winter staple or a fabulous in-between pair before finding the ‘perfect designer fit’ your legs are guaranteed to fit so well into these jeans that you won’t ever want to take them off.

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