How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

February 21, 2014

Dreaming of giving your kitchen a much-deserved makeover, but don’t know where to start? Lyndon Craig, Electrolux Senior Design Manager, shares his top kitchen design tips.

1. Planning a kitchen
One of the best tips I can give when designing a kitchen is to start the design process by selecting your appliances first. These are usually the biggest items in your kitchen and are a long term investment. Once you’ve selected your appliances, you can then start to think about complimentary colours and materials.

2. Selecting colours and materials
Once you have selected your appliances, you can then start to think about complimentary colours and materials.

Silver stainless steel appliances have a classic look and are extremely versatile. They can be matched with warm colours, rich timbers, recycled materials or earthy tones such as olives, tan and stone.

If you love the industrial trend at the moment, black appliances can create a real wow-factor, especially when you pair these with contract colours and materials. Minimalist, high-contrast and glossy accents will ensure that you have a stand out kitchen. It was these two colours that Electrolux chose as our base colours when designing our Inspiration Kitchen range, to make sure that the range would be modern and appeal to a wider audience.

3Transform your space
A key trend in kitchen design is to move beyond open plan living and actually transform your space from one use to another. This is a great tip for those who are space constricted. The trick is working out where you can hide things away with large sliding doors or cupboards. Take advantage of hidden spaces to create the illusion of an open and minimalist space. Try auto opening drawers and cupboards, I really like the minimalistic look that comes with no handles.

4. Add some green to your life
Many of us don’t have the luxury of a backyard anymore so kitchen gardens are a great way to incorporate some green into your lifestyle. Kitchen Gardens aren’t just about saving money or using the freshest ingredients, it is immensely satisfying to grow and harvest your own food plus it provides a much better atmosphere in the kitchen. At the very least I would recommend a herb garden.

5. Top trend to watch
My tip for the hottest trend in 2014 is the return of warmth in kitchens and a more attention to detail and craftsmanship. There’ll be lots of wood, with furniture quality detailing in cabinetry and bench-tops. There will also be a much more welcoming feeling in the kitchen, something that will extend to the items on display. There will be a mixture of textures and materials with natural, organic forms likely to be the main choices for vases, bowls and accessories.

What home renovations are you planning this year?

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