Designer spotlight: Louisa Pascucci

January 25, 2010

Louisa Pascucci is the brain behind successful fashion label Kitten Pink. We chat to her about her style tips and the most fashionable celebs.

What is a normal day in the office like for you?

“At our warehouse, the talented Kitten Pink girls and I always start our day with a daily group update and team meeting, then it’s straight into the organisation and planning for the coming season. This includes the follow-up of samples and organising the corresponding photoshoot and models for the next season’s range. We are always staying on top of the hottest trends, so my team and I are always non stop.”

What’s the best thing about having your own business?

“The freedom to travel overseas for work and the shopping that goes with it!”

What’s the hardest?

“The time management involved in planning the Kitten Pink ranges inadvance. We are usually balancing a delivery of the latest range while the next is in fitting stage, at the same time I am working on the design of a third. It can get crazy, but I enjoy it.”

Best career lesson?

“To be well prepared for any situation that may arise cover all your bases and stay on top of it all. I was fortunate to gain years of experience in the fashion industry before starting Kitten Pink, this enabled me to be>> prepared for anything and everything.”

What do you need to make it in the business/fashion world?

“A lot of hands on experience in all fields of design along with sales and production. Dedication and late nights do help.”

What do you look for in employees?

“Someone who is loyal and trustworthy, and quick always on the ball.”

What’s your best career advice?

“Do what you love, design what you lust.”

What was the last thing you splurged on?

“I walked into Chanel a few months ago and came out with two chanel bags and a chanel resin cuff … no regrets!”

Favourite restaurant?Top three pieces of style advice?

“Know your assets, and dress to enhance those features. It’s easy to rework your wardrobe by purchasing essential seasonal pieces. Accessorise. Killer heals, a glam clutch, a Kitten Pink dress – you can’t go wrong.”

Most stylish celeb and why?

“Kim Kardashian always looks great. She knows how to embrace her curves and is confident with her shape.”

Where do you love to get a bargain?

“Sale time in L.A., stores like Neimen and Marcas and Nordstrom mark sale stock heavily and they are a season ahead.”

Where do you shop online?

“SAKS.COM they deliver to Australia.”

If you weren’t doing this, where would you be?

“Perhaps an Interior Designer. Architecture and development is strong in our family so I have always been the decorator”.

What do you do in your spare time?

“Chill out at home with friends and family. I love to cook and entertain.”

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