Detox 101

January 7, 2011

Detox 101

Why do we need to Detox?

We need to Detox to help our metabolism maintain optimum function. Detox helps to clear out toxin build up which impedes healthy cell function. This build up can occur because of excessive exposure to toxins or suboptimal functioning of detoxification organs and processes, or both. By regularly Detoxing we reduce the likelihood of disease and enhance feeling great.

What is considered a toxin?

A toxin is a substance that is harmful to the body. Traditional toxicology defines toxins in relation to the dose or amounts of a particular substance. Toxins come from outside the body, for example pesticides or heavy metals. Toxins also come from inside the body, because of a build up of waste products from normal functioning or from “bad” bacteria in the gastrointestinal tracts.

What are the signs I might need to Detox?

Signs to Detox include: Digestive problems, low energy, headaches, unclear thinking, poor skin appearance, cravings. If you are feeling anything less than optimal, this could be improved by a good gentle Detox.

Why do I get headaches, feel nauseous or lethargic when detoxing?

I’d suggest the pathophysiology of headaches would be either inflammation or a shift in blood flow to the head. These could be caused by either withdrawal from an addictive substance, like caffeine or alcohol, or an excessive of reactive toxins in the blood, due to an excessive liberation of toxins that the organs of detoxification can’t manage. Nausea can be associated with the liver being overwhelmed from toxins. Lethargy can be due to your body needing energy to deal with the cleansing processes that are going on, that it needs to rest. You must rest during a Detox, drink lots of pure water and if nauseous, lots of ginger and honey tea.

What is the best, safest way to detox?

Slowly, gently and gradually is the best, most effective way to detox. The body appreciates this and more healing is possible when approached in this manner. Make sure you give yourself time out of normal life, lots of pampering and space, and the best water and nutrients you can find.

Do I need to detox if I eat healthily?

A regular detox can help everyone living on our crazy planet today. Detox is not just about what you eat, it’s also about what you drink, breath, touch and think. Everyone can benefit from taking stock of this every now and again, and eliminating things that are not supporting their true vitality.

I don’t want to do a detox, but I want to keep my system “clean”. What habits should I adopt?

There are many ways to keep your system clean. Physically, maintaining healthy bowel function and good hydration levels are two very easy ways. Eating foods in their whole form, or as close to natural as you can provides great cleansing support. Avoiding synthetic chemicals in your body care products and in foodstuffs is a simple guideline to follow.

Have you ever been on a detox? Did you work for you?

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