Detoxing for Spring continued

September 17, 2002

Will I feel sick or tired while detoxing?

If conducted properly, with the guidance of a trained professional, there should be minimal symptoms on a detox.However, whilst purifying the body of built up toxins it is inevitable that you may experience mild headaches, nausea, and a change of bowel habit, skin breakouts or low energy. Everyone reacts differently of course and it depends largely on the length and intensity of the regime.

When is the best time to undergo a detox?

Again, this does depend largely on the individual but there are a few general guidelines to consider.

It is ideal to cleanse the body during the change of seasons. For example: autumn and spring. This helps the body to move more easily into the change of climate and diet and to rid the body of the heavier foods of winter and cooling foods of summer.

One should also try to pick a time when you have fewer commitments, social engagements, or pressures at work or home.

You should not consider a detox if you are pregnant or lactating or undergoing intense physical training or labor.

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