Detoxing for Spring

September 17, 2002

What are the benefits of detoxification?

Cleansing your body can be a positive experience that enhances your health, depending on how and why it is done.

Over time, the body accumulates various types of toxins that prevent us from performing at our peak. The toxins can be due to outside influences such as environmental pollutants, radiation from computers or derived from chemicals and additives in our food or simply from overloading our bodies with prescriptive drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar and fatty foods.In Ayurvedic Medicine these toxins are called ‘ama’ and are seen to be the foundation for all disease.

An Ayurvedic detox program gently encourages your body to rid itself of these toxins thereby allowing your system to function more efficiently.

The benefits of purifying the body include:

    1. Improved digestive function & absorption


    1. Increased energy and stamina


    1. Greater mental clarity and concentration


    1. Clear skin, healthier hair and nails


    1. Weight reduction


    1. Balanced metabolism


  1. Relief from many symptoms such as hay fever, headaches, sinus congestion, low immunity, constipation and PMS

What does a detox program involve?

For a detox program to be effective and safe, it needs to be tailored to the individuals needs.

This means taking into consideration that person’s current health status, constitutional type, their digestive capacity, the time of the year and factors such as time, commitment and enthusiasm.

It is a misunderstanding to think that you have to fast or starve yourself in order to see results. It can in fact be dangerous to undergo such extreme cleansing practices, especially without the guidance of a trained professional.

The best approach is an individually designed gentle cleansing program incorporating a light diet, supplements, herbs and lots of pure water/ herbal teas and body treatments.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, each person is seen as unique and therefore treatment needs to be tailor-made to support those people’s specific needs.

To avoid any adverse reactions, it is extremely important the purification program be matched to the individual.

Will I feel sick or tired while detoxing?

If conducted properly, with the guidance of a trained professional, there should be minimal symptoms on a detox.However, whilst purifying the body of built up toxins it is inevitable that you may experience mild headaches, nausea, and a change of bowel habit, skin breakouts or low energy. Everyone reacts differently of course and it depends largely on the length and intensity of the regime.

When is the best time to undergo a detox?

Again, this does depend largely on the individual but there are a few general guidelines to consider.

It is ideal to cleanse the body during the change of seasons. For example: autumn and spring. This helps the body to move more easily into the change of climate and diet and to rid the body of the heavier foods of winter and cooling foods of summer.

One should also try to pick a time when you have fewer commitments, social engagements, or pressures at work or home.

You should not consider a detox if you are pregnant or lactating or undergoing intense physical training or labor.

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