How to Detox in 3 Days

March 13, 2002

You want to give your body a break but don?t want to go and live in the bush and eat organic foods and only drink water? Maybe all you need is a little 3 day fix!

Day 1

Nutritionists suggest you drink plenty of water or freshly squeezed juices such as watermelon and strawberry with mint rather than grabbing that vodka, lime and soda. We know it?s hard but say no to that coffee or cup of tea (unless it?s a herbal) and stick with water. Coffee can cause exhaustion, headaches and irritability. Make sure you eat but only eat a light breakfast, a salad sandwich for lunch and for dinner have a salad with tuna or grilled fish with stir-fried vegetables before 8pm.

Exercise ? personal trainer Collette says, ?Go for a long walk. Make it at least 2 hours long. If you can ? walk home from work. Make it brisk and really use your arms… pumping them backwards and forwards. Make it a pace that leaves you feeling slightly breathless.?

Day 2

Now this may seem harder and harder, but cut out fruit juice and just have water. Remember to steer clear of alcohol, coffee and tea still. Try to stick to fresh fruit for breakfast, green salad for lunch with olive oil and steamed fish with vegetables for dinner.

If you can get to a yoga or pilates class ? we recommend this. Yoga and pilates help to detox our bodies and get rid of any toxins that may have built up from alcohol and bad party food. If you can?t get to a class ? buy a book on yoga and pilates and try to do some of the moves every morning.

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