How to Detox in Just 3 days (cont’d)

November 2, 2001

Day 3

Okay – just eat fruit all day and drink water only. Yes of course you are going to feel a little lethargic and hungry but just try not to do anything to energetic. Focus on how great you are going to feel the next day. Spend Day 3 giving your body a full scrub. Do a manicure and pedicure. Spend time by yourself doing things that you haven’t had time to do. Have that afternoon lie down or spend an hour or two reading a good magazine.When you wake up on Day 4 you really will feel full of energy and life. Your head will be clear and you will want to get up and run or head straight to the gym. Do this. Slowly start introducing rice, salads etc back into your diet.

Now that you have Detoxed, you are ready to get into shape. Read our tips in Getting into shape and get ready to fit into that sexy little number you’ve had your eye on?

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