Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

February 22, 2005

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

Jewellery Forever, you can do just that!

All jewellery is independently valued by The Valuation Centre Of Australia and Jewellery Forever also offers consumers 12 months insurance on all items purchased, at no extra cost. Upon ordering, jewellery is delivered safely and securely via Australia Post?s E-Parcel service.

Loose diamonds
Jewellery Forever provides a beautiful range of premium quality and certified diamonds, available in brilliant or bezel cut and come in a range of sizes ? from 0.5ct up to 4.0ct. Whether in search of the perfect diamond for an engagement ring or for another occasion, Jewellery Forever?s range is sure to have something to tempt you.

“You are always fully dressed, even when you are naked, if you are wearing diamonds.” Susie

Earrings are always a great idea for a gift. Studs are very popular ? beautiful and versatile yet unobtrusive. Hoops add a classic feminine touch to any outfit. Jewellery Forever earrings are available in the following styles: brilliant cut 4 prong; brilliant cut 6 prong; brilliant cut bezel; princess cut bezel; huggie; pave; hoop and precious gemstone earrings.

“Diamonds shine from every aspect, just like beautiful women shine from the inside.” Siena

Pendants are a favourite romantic gift, which will add a touch of class to every outfit. You can choose crosses, hearts or stones. Pendants are offered in varying designs of precious metals and stones and a free 42cm chain is provided with each purchase.

“Marilyn purred the words and women the world over agree. No gem can beat the quality, look and quintessential feeling of wearing diamond.” Laura

Rings are always the perfect gift, especially for engagements or anniversaries. Choosing a ring is as simple as selecting one from our beautiful, expertly designed range. We offer many combinations of gold and diamond rings in the following styles: pave; prong; bezel or wedder styles – diamonds are available in brilliant or princess cuts.

“Cool as ice, flashy as a rainbow, rare, beautiful. What girl doesn’t feel just as beautiful with a twinkle on her ears or fingers?” Karen

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“Fashions and fads come and go, boyfriends come and go, time marches on but diamonds are forever. They never go out of style.” Lynne

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