Dianne Blacklock’s new book reviewed

February 18, 2010

“Three’s a Crowd”

Without Annie, friends Catherine, Lexie and Rachel are lost. What will things be like now? How will they fill the void? Will their friendship survive? These questions are soon overshadowed by the complexities of their own lives. Catherine is excelling in her high-flying career but struggling in her relationships, especially with her unfathomable teenage daughter. Lexie is juggling the demands of her young family and the ego of her hardworking husband, while taking the first steps to achieving her own dreams.

And finally Rachel, the one who can’t seem to settle down, is experiencing the heady euphoria of a new relationship. But when the truth comes out about who she has fallen in love with, fragile friendships will be put to the test all over again…

Dianne Blacklock has been a teacher, trainer, counsellor, check-out chick, and even one of those annoying market researchers you avoid in shopping centres. Nowadays she tries not to annoy anyone by staying home and writing. Three’s A Crowd is her sixth book.

SheSaid says: As a long time fan of Diane Blacklocks’s books this one was eagerly devoured in just a few days. Blacklock has that innate ability to tap into women’s relationships and translate them into a novel that envelopes you in their lives. This one is no different although the characters are not as likeable as some of her previous novels. Catherine is a little too overbearing and Lexie and Rachel should tell her to back off more often, but the strength of these three characters is what really makes the book. Fun and easy to read this is a great book for relaxation and entertainment.

Read any Dianne Blacklock books? What did you think?

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