Diary of a Health Retreat Part 3

March 4, 2010

Publisher Mon tested out the day spa at Hopewood Health Retreat, all in the name of work of course!

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“Cover me in oil and salt me like you’re going to put me on a BBQ, then slowly and carefully wipe it all off with warm water.

Slather me in a warm, pink clay-mud like substance as I lay on a bed of gladwrap and alfoil and wrap me in the gladwrap, alfoil and towels and leave me there to relax in a heavenly mix of scents and senses cocooned in kitchen wrap!

As strange as this concoction and process sounds it is unlike any other treatment I have had. This process forces you to relax, unwind and smile. I doubt anyone comes out of that room with an ounce of stress.

One lovely lady told me I had emerged like a butterfly that afternoon – how nice! Something about women all being together doing something good purely for themselves brings out the best in us.

Without sounding too corny, I felt surrounded by these kindred spirits and even though we were all different shapes, sizes, colours, ages and backgrounds, we still bonded over juice and herbal tea and a great beauty treatment. What more could a girl want?

The sad thing about Hopewood is that not enough of us do it, it seems like most of us are so busy being a great wife, employee, boss, sister, friend or girlfriend that looking after ourselves comes way too far down the list.

If all of us took the time (and had the budget) to nuture ourselves and do things like this for ourselves, maybe we would be less stressed, happier and definitely healthier from the experience.

Thanks to Hopewood for their lovely staff, treatment and other guests for their openness and friendliness.”

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