Did Peter Andre cheat on Katie?

October 20, 2009

She claims he’s a player, he says she’s a drunk. It’s a match made in Hollywood divorce court heaven. So who do you believe?

Things between Katie Price and ex-husband Peter Andre just keep getting worse.

The glamour model is now claiming that Peter had an affair with his manager through their marriage. Peter his agent Claire Powell have vowed to take legal action over her comments.

Speaking on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, Katie claimed men are “lazy” and would sleep with anyone, adding: “Yes. Or his manager Claire.”

Claire, who also managed Katie before her split from Peter, is furious and replied by saying, “She’s just nasty. That is total b******s. She’s using him to get publicity. We will definitely take it further.”

During the interview she also said Peter verbally abuses her on the phone regularly and that their marriage should have ended years ago.

I don’t know about you but I always thought these two seemed very much in love and really cared about each other.

She also admits in the interview that she “dresses up” her current man, cage-fighter Alex Reid. “I dress him – the wigs, eyelashes, everything. And at first he was like, ‘This is a bit weird, I’m not used to a girl doing me up.’ Call me strange, call me weird, whatever – but I love it.
“I’ve never been with anyone so adventurous. Anything goes with him. I’m having such a fun time,” she says.

So who do you believe? Katie or Pete? I think there’s a lot more still to come from these two!

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