Easy Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

February 3, 2001

Hey girls, want to lose some weight before summer hits? Well it might be time to take it seriously as winter draws to a close. All you have to do is head into a low-carb, lean protein diet with no bread, pasta or starchy carbs. Personal trainers call it the A, B, C – with alcohol being the A, bread the B and starchy carbs the C. In practice, the thing to avoid when you go out with your friends is the bread basket. It’s a basket of wasted calories with a tub of unnecessary fat – well, if you count the butter. Appetizers should consist of salads or vegetables with a light dressing or if you have to fit into those size 8 jeans by Saturday, go with just lemon and some black pepper. Unfortunately for any cocktail loving girls these are out of bounds. Full of too much sugar. Dinner is easy. Just have some grilled chicken or fish or even a lean piece of meat. As for dessert, forget about it – a simple piece of fruit will have to do.

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