Disney DVD Reviews

April 27, 2004

Disney DVD Reviews

Finding Nemo
Nemo is a sheltered young clownfish, who is kidnapped from his home on the Great Barrier Reef. He is transferred to an office aquarium in a Sydney dentist surgery where he meets a variety of sea creatures, all hoping for escape. Meanwhile back on the reef, Nemo?s father Marlin is overcome with worry. With Dory, a friendly blue tang fish with a short term memory problem, he sets out on a mission to find his beloved Nemo and bring him home safely. This hilarious film features the talents of Albert Brooks as Marlin, Alexander Gould as Nemo, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory as well as Australian?s Barry Humphries as Bruce the great white shark, Geoffrey Rush as Nigel the pelican and Eric Bana as the hammerhead shark. Finding Nemo won Best Animated Film at the Oscars and it?s not hard to see why. It?s a funny and heartwarming film for all ages.

A Bug?s Life
This delightful film is centred around an ant colony on a small island. Princess Atta is busily preparing to take over as queen, however part of her training is to ensure the colony collects enough food for both themselves and the evil grasshoppers before the onset of the rainy season. Her hesitant attempts are ruined by Flik, whose enthusiasm for doing the right thing is more often than not marred by his clumsiness. In order to regain respect from his fellow ants, and impress the princess, Flik leaves the island and hires ?warrior bugs? to defend his colony from the freeloading grasshoppers. But the fun and mayhem really begins when the warriors end up being a group of unsuccessful flea circus performers! The voice talents of Dave Foley (Flik), Kevin Spacey (Hopper), Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Princess Atta) and David Hyde Pierce (Slim) are all featured in this gorgeous comedy. Who would have thought bugs could be so cute?!

Monsters Inc.
James P Sullivan, or Sulley to his mates, is the scariest guy in all Monstropolis, which comes in handy when it’s your job to make kids scream. And that’s just what monsters Sulley (John Goodman), one-eyed beast Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and the evil Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi) do, day in, day out. Kids’ screams are the energy source essential to the smooth running of Monstropolis. The kids get scared, then scream and the monsters capture the screams which are then turned into energy to power everything in Monstropolis. The only problem with this great system is that monsters are actually scared of children – so much so that anything to do with kids is banned from the city. Things go haywire when Sulley and Mike accidentally let a little girl into their monster world. Boo is the cutest little thing who thinks that Sulley is a kitty, and that their efforts to hide her from the other monsters are nothing more than a great game of hide and seek. This original story that appeals to the child in all of us – who hasn’t thought there was a monster in the closest, under the bed or lurking in the shadows at some point in their life? Monsters Inc gives you a monster’s eye view of the world. Pixar’s stunning animation, realistic movement, textures and shadows transport you into a world of child-like imagination and wonder.

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