Finding Dory Looks Like It’ll Be The First Disney Flick To Include A Lesbian Couple

May 29, 2016

This could be Disney’s boldest move yet.

Thirteen years after Finding Nemo became one of Disney’s biggest blockbusters, its sequel, Finding Dory, is about to hit the screens.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the latest trailer includes a snippet hinting at one of Disney’s most progressive moves ever, the inclusion of a lesbian couple in the film.

It’s a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it scene, but about halfway through the trailer, a toddler gets pushed over by an octopus and drops her sippy cup, which is followed by two female characters appearing to be her parents, responding with “Poor baby, let me get that for you.”

Sure, it’s speculative; the two women could simply be friends walking in front of the child, but with no heteronormative male-female couple in sight in the scene, it’s pretty safe to say Disney is bending the rules and entering unchartered territory.

Including an LGBT couple in one of its movies could be Disney’s answer to the recently trending #giveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag on Twitter used by thousands, demanding the upcoming Frozen sequel make the lead character a lesbian.

Given that Ellen Degneres voices Dory, it might also have been her influence – or request – to include an LGBT couple in the film. The actress and TV host has been strongly affiliated with the movies since Finding Nemo was released in 2003, and is one of Hollywood’s most outspoken and influential LGBT rights activists, so giving her credit for Disney’s bold move might not be too far from the truth.

The global release date for Finding Dory is June 16. Until then, have a look at the trailer and keep your eyes peeled at the 1:06 minute mark…

Video via youtube.com.

Comment: Do you think it’s about time Disney included an LGBT character in one of its films?


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