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March 18, 2002

Current must have

If you didn’t know already the only bag to sling this season is the Saddle. Hard to find unless you used to scouring through vintage shops and even then they are like finding a needle in a haystack. Girls! Thank goodness for Witchery. They have created the most divine shoulder bag in brown or black for $179.95. Keep the straps extra long so your bag is below your waist, (a-la Prada) or wear it securely tucked under your arm. Perfect for the plane, train or automobile. We recommend you hurry because there aren’t many left in the stores. Most of them would have left the country by now – they’re so purrrrfect. If you can’t get to a Witchery boutique just log onto www.witchery.com.au and enter the icon ‘shop’. It’s the kind of boutique you can’t leave without making a purchase.

Denim Delicious

Yes, your right we’ve probably said it all before but denim is the word. It’s the leading look for the minute. Trot into any store and you’ll see denim, denim, denim. Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Britney Spears is wearing it. One of our gossip mags had a pic of Meg Ryan wearing a denim trench, which looked fab. Want to know how to copy her look? Witchery. Witchery still have a few denim trenches (around $150) on offer so don’t panic just hurry. We’ve picked out our favourite denim pieces for you to find over the Internet so get on and check them out:

Witchery’s denim pencil skirt ($89.95) Wichery’s fitted denim jeans ($99.95)
Portman’s jeans ($79.95) Country Road denim pick stitch skirt ($139)

Website of the week

With Melbourne Fashion Week up and running right now – don’t miss out on what’s hot and what’s not in the glamorous world of fashion and beauty. Log onto www.mff.com.au for all the latest and if you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, then have a look at the programme and check out all the shows and learn about what’s slick this season.

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