DIY Crate Coffee Table

Bring some character into your home by designing and creating your own bespoke coffee table. Okay, this might seem rather difficult, but it’s actually really simple, especially if you have a few crates laying around the house.

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Follow our easy tutorial to create your own coffee table, side table, or even some storage for the laundry room.

What you need

  • 4 wooden crates
  • 2 (1×4) pieces of pine wood
  • 4 casters
  • Stain


  1. Before you get started on actually building the table, make sure to stain the crates first. Use a homemade stain (vinegar, steel wool, and brewed tea) or choose a ready made stain which requires a little more waiting time.
  2. When the stain has dried, create a frame by nailing each piece of pine wood into a small square (looking somewhat like a window). This will also dictate the size of your coffee table.
  3. Then, simply arrange each crate over the top and use a drill, nails, and a hammer to secure them onto the frame. You might want some storage in the centre (for snacks or remotes), so make sure to leave some room in the centre for that.

Image via Instructables

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