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“Do injectables really work?” Part 1

“Do injectables really work?” Part 1

Follow our publisher Monique over the next few weeks as she sees if cosmetic injectable gels can smooth out her wrinkles.

To Botox or not to Botox?

At this time of year we all contemplate changing our lives somehow – new job, new house, new car, new boyfriend and sometimes even a new husband! But what about those who want to change their physical appearance and not just their surroundings? They might start to ask themselves whether it’s time to “get a little work done” … just like I did.

I have been thinking about having some work done for the past few months but some of the results that you see around town are enough to even put off even the bravest amongst us. Nothing could be worse than ending up looking permanently surprised like some of Hollywood’s leading ladies (and men!) or not being able to show any expression at all like many actors and actresses. Think of Jessica Lange, Katie Price, Lisa Rinnae, and even our own Nic who still swears the reason her skin looks so good is due to staying out of the sun and drinking lots of water.

Anything can be enhanced these days – think hair extensions, teeth whitening, fake nails, fake boobs, fake lashes, plumped-up lips …there are so many ways to change your appearance. But the question is … am I really ready for Botox?

What’s wrong with aging gracefully?

My husband says he loves my wrinkles. After all, aren’t the lines on our face a sure sign of a great life we have lived? But I wanted to test my options so I booked in to the Lily Room at Chatswood, a leading edge “cosmetic medical clinic” in Sydney.

I am full of trepidation as I go to the appointment wondering “what if they pump me full of so much Botox I’ll never laugh again?” I have to admit at this point that I have occasionally been talked to into a new hairstyle at the hairdressers, or even a new treatment at the beauty salon, so it would not be beyond the realms of possibility for me to be talked into something like Botox injections only to regret it later. Not that I am weak-willed – just easily sold sometimes.

My appointment

Luckily for me I met with Selina and Aska, the two owners of the Lily Room who proceeded to discuss what sort of lifestyle I had, what I did for a job, my views on makeup, sunscreen, smoking and drinking plus my general overall health and wellbeing. This was not really what I expected as I was thinking I would be given a quick once over and then they would decide what was best for me and away we go. How wrong was I? The philosophy of the Lily Room, through Selina and Aska’s leadership, is all about personalised, first class service using the latest technology and treatments.

They soon ascertained that I am a busy businesswoman with two young kids and I love the beach and the outdoors so a natural approach was more suited to my personality and lifestyle. Perfect! I almost kissed them both!

How it all works

Selina suggested very politely that my skin looked “tired” even though I was well rested that day. They proceeded to detail a plan over the next two to three months that would see my face “rejuvenated naturally” with injectable gels, laser genesis and a strict regime of creams and lotions to keep my skin hydrated and protected from the sun whilst we go through the process.

They said they could give my face a “freshen up” without using Botox or anything else artificial. Instead they would use Facial Rejuventation via Juverderm which is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injectable gel that is found naturally within the tissues of living cells, including human skin.

HA assists skin hydration by attracting and holding water and also combines with collagen and elastin to provide skin structure and elasticity. Injecting this natural product into certain areas of my face would smooth my wrinkles and enhance my lips.

I liked what I heard and practically skipped out of there with my bag of goodies eagerly awaiting my next visit in a few days time. Stay tuned for my next update!

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