“Do injectables really work?” Part 2

February 24, 2010

Follow our publisher Monique over the next few weeks as she sees if cosmetic injectable gels can smooth out her wrinkles.

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Part 2

The Skincare

“I have been really good at my new beauty regime. I have been cleansing morning and night and making sure I apply the SPF 30+ zinc that my new beauty gurus, Selina and Aska from the Lily Room, have instructed me to wear during our makeover program.

It’s amazing how being made to follow a strict beauty realise helps you realise just how lazy you can get with your skin-care plus how good it makes your skin feel when you are doing the right thing!

The Injections

Since we all agreed that a natural approach was best, Selina and Aska have planned a series of treatments for me including laser genesis skin treatments every two weeks as well as the facial rejuvenation through Jurvederm injectable gel.

Some of my former doubt surfaced – “Why am I doing this?”, “Why aren’t I happy the way I am?” but luckily for me Selina and Aska have seen it all before and were quick to allay my fears and assure me that the pain would be minimal, the down time almost nothing, and that we could add a little bit at a time over the next few weeks and stop whenever I was happy with the result. Their calm and confident manner was one of the main things that got me to lay on the treatment table that day.

The Procedure

I can’t lie and say it didn’t hurt at all. The injection was merely a pin prick but the solution being pushed into my face through the needle was slightly unpleasant.

Aska, who did all my injections, was so gentle and careful with me. You can tell when people really know what they are doing and she is a total professional!

The injections around my lips hurt a little more than the ones in my cheeks but not enough to turn me off booking in for more injections in a few weeks time.

My review

I’m a total convert! I love how the natural injectable gel acts as a skin “filler” to gently restore structure and volume. The injections in my upper lip smoothed out some of the lines but didn’t pump up my lips at all or give me that obvious Hollywood-pout. The injections in my cheeks smoothed out some of my crows feet and gave me a natural look by just plumping up my cheeks a little.

I can see how people can get a little obsessed with this. The results are so good and natural-looking that it’s not surprising many women have a freshen-up at the Lily Room in their diary. That said, the thing that struck me the most during this process is that you should choose your cosmetic medical clinic very carefully and you should only go to clinics that are fully qualified and provide fully trained professionals who have completed the necessary training for this kind of treatment.

Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications as most professionals will proudly tell you how well qualified they are.

If you are in Sydney visit www.lilyroom.com.au or phone them on 02 9904 7000 to make an appointment the clinic is based in Malvern Avenue Chatswood NSW 2067.

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Models required fort half price anti-wrinkle injections and advanced skin treatments at our student clinic. To book in for an appointment call 9904 7000 or to have your name, family member or a friend’s name on our model list, forward your full contact details to reception@lilyroom.com.au.

Check back for Part 3 of Mon’s diary soon.

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