Do men like women to ask them out?

August 2, 2000

Do men like women to ask them out?

Yes they definitely do. What is not to like? But one thing Mr HeSaid says, ‘Don’t get right on the phone and grab your address book, there are a few things you should know before you make that call.’

Firstly a part of the guy will wonder if you’ve called him up because you want to have sex with him. The scary thing is that most guys are generally hoping to have sex whenever they go on a date, So this won’t mean that he’ll behave like a true gentleman just because you asked him out. So definitely set some limits early on, unless the reason you called him was to have sex with him.

Another important factor to remember, now that the tables are turned, is there could be some dating confusion. You will have to go through the: Who’ll drive? Who will pay? Who will decide where to go? It is usually up to the guy to control the flow of events on a date, but since you initiated things, how far will the initiative go? Don’t get confused. Make sure you are prepared with a date or venue in your mind and don’t be scared to suggest it.

The best thing to do is invite a guy to a party where there are loads of people and if it isn’t comfortable you can both just have a good time. Remember- the worst thing that men have been putting up with for many years, the fear of rejection and the answer NO! Don’t worry about it if that happens. At least you tried. Besides, most guys will be really flattered eitherway.

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