Do What You Love . . . And Love What You Do! (con’t)

September 6, 2005

My point here is that his outlook for his practice is on his glass being half empty instead of seeing it as being half full. He has so many things going for him that he takes for granted. He focuses more on what may not happen in the future (the lack of clients or new business) than what is happening and what he can do to promote and develop his practice. He is an extremely genuine person, his clients trust him and he is a successful lawyer with a good reputation. He has the choice of how he views life. To see his glass as half full instead of half empty is just a decision. It doesn’t cost any money and is comparatively simple. What’s holding him back though, are his old habits and years of conditioning.

The second topic that always comes up during our conversations is that George is tired of law and would like to get out of it. What he would really love to do is go into property development. For years George has worked with builders and other partners on various property developments. It was a good combination for all concerned and George always ended up with a number of units below market value which he has been able to rent out. In this way he has been able to generate an ongoing investment income and increase his asset base.

He often tells me how much he enjoys doing property developments and how he would prefer to give up law to concentrate on development projects full time. He has also explained that he only needs to do a small number of projects each year to enjoy a good income and a more relaxed lifestyle than he currently has.

“So why don’t you just go and do it?” I keep asking George.

George tells me he still has to continue with law because he really can’t change now. When I ask him “Why not?” he makes up a whole string of excuses where he is basically saying that he is afraid of change and he is bound by his existing momentum and habits. The point is that it’s just a matter of choice. At the moment his desire to be a full time property developer is not as strong as his level of comfort with the status quo. When that balance changes, he will make new choices. Until then, he will continue to complain about the law and fantasise about being a full time property developer but will not actually take any action to achieve his dream.

By the way, I’m not saying that what George is doing or not doing is right or wrong, because that is just a matter of opinion. I’m just saying we have choices available to us. Whether we do anything about them is entirely in our hands. The fact is though, that so many people are imprisoned by their own thoughts, beliefs and habits. What’s worse though is that they feel they cannot change their current circumstances. I want to assure you that you can!

The only thing stopping you from realising your dreams and highest visions is the courage to start living them now. I want to encourage you now to go beyond your limitations towards your ultimate life purpose.
As Goethe said:
“Whatever you can do
Or dream you can,
Begin it.
Boldness has genius,
Power and magic in it
Begin It Now.”

By Hans Jakobi

Hans Jakobi is an educator, author and investor. He is the author of six best-selling books including, How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income. For all SheSaid readers, Han?s would like to offer you a FREE DVD on investment. Visit and quote SHE2005 as your qualifying CODE!

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