Do Women Fall For Men Who Look Like Their Fathers?

September 2, 2015
A leading expert has found that women are attracted to men who look like their fathers. What do you think?

Professor David Perrett of the University of St Andrews, has confirmed the women have a tendancy to choose partners who resemble their fathers, while men will also pick women who look like their mothers.

It seems that characteristics of our parents’ faces are imprinted in our minds from a young age, and these features go on to influence who we find attractive in later life.

Professor Perrett’s large-scale survey found that by far most participants had partners with the same hair and eye colour combination as their opposite sex parent. In other words, if a woman has a blonde, blue-eyed father, her partner is very likely to be blonde and blue-eyed as well.

But it’s not just the colouring that we try and match in our partners. Facial features play a huge part in our attractiveness towards others. A further study in Hungary compared photos of married couples with photos of their parents at a similar age. The study found there was a distinct resemblance between the two generations.

While we might be too scared to look at our own families to see if this is in fact true, Professor Perrett says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a prime example of a woman choosing someone who looks like their father.

A young Brad Pitt does appear to look very similar to Angelina’s father Jon Voight.

But don’t be too frightened. Professor Perrett claims it all stems from the good relationships we had with our parents as children and simply wanting to replicate that experience in our adult relationships.

So what do you think? Is your own example true?

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