Does Exercise Increase Your Sex Drive?

July 3, 2018

It’s time to get your sweat on.

Everyone is working out these days.

Everywhere you go, people are wearing activewearswigging back protein shakes and prioritizing exercise so they can fit it into their busy lives.

This shift towards a healthier lifestyle is a really positive thing for a number of reasons, including increasing our sex drives. That’s right, frequent exercise definitely has an effect on your sex life, and can improve the frequency (and quality) of your sexual encounters.

So if you’ve started exercising regularly, here are the main reasons why you might be craving an extra cheeky workout after the gym…

1. Exercise balances hormones

“Physical activity triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, and feelgood hormones, which are connected to the production of sex hormones,” says Florida Atlantic University associate professor of exercise science and health promotion, Tina Penhollow.

This hormone is released during both exercise and sex, and the more often endorphins are released, the easier it is to become sexually aroused. As well as this, the hormone testosterone is also released during sex (in both men and women), which can increase sexual arousal, energy levels, and elevate mood – all of which can contribute to a stronger libido.

2. It increases blood flow

Regular exercise improves blood flow through the body and arousal has everything to do with blood flow. Without blood flow to the genitals, guys wouldn’t be able to have erections and women’s clitorises wouldn’t swell (read: zero potential for achieving the big O).

In short, having more blood downstairs can increase arousal and give you more intense genital sensation. And a study by the University of Texas found women’s vaginal responses were a whopping 169 per cent greater after exercising as a result of increased post-workout blood flow.

3. Working out improves sexual performance 

As you work out, you gradually gain more strength, flexibility and better stamina – all factors which are important in sexual performance. In other words, frequent exercise can make you go longer and harder.

“Participating in any form of exercise that increases heart rate, breathing, and muscle activity can enhance overall sexual satisfaction,” reinforces Penhollow.

4. Being fit can lead to better orgasms

Certain types of exercise can increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasms. Kegal exercises, as well as squats and other glute exercises, strengthen your pelvic floor, which is essential in achieving orgasm.

And when you’re having better, longer sex and stronger orgasms, it’s only natural for your libido to follow suit and make you feel more randy around your SO.

5. It enhances your self-image

Having sex isn’t just physical, it’s mental as well. Which is why we tend to have the best sex when we feel sexy AF

So what if your self-esteem’s seriously lacking? Luckily, it can be easily improved. Studies show people who exercise tend to have a better sense of body image, which is typically intrinsic to how sexually desirable we feel to others, impacting how often we want to do the deed.

“A positive perception of self can raise self-esteem and make people feel sexy, confident, and attractive,” says Penhollow.

And if you’re comfortable in your own skin, you tend to be more relaxed during sex, which means you can get out of your own head and just enjoy the experience. Hell, you might even leave the lights on!

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