Dogs, boobs, celebs and a cravat?

May 3, 2010

Dogs, boobs, trashy outfits and a cravat?

The 52nd Logie awards strangely coincided with the start of Australian Fashion week but that is all that is similar about these two events. If there was any question that the Australian tv industry has gone to the dogs then last night confirmed it. Molly Meldrum even bought his own pooch along for a ride on the red carpet, whilst Dr Edelston’s wife Brynne looked like mutton dressed up as lamb and perhaps would have been more in keeping with a float at the mardi gras this year.

Some of TV lands gorgeous young things from Home and Away, Neighbours, Packed to the Rafters and even kids groupies Hi 5 were out in their best duds. While fashion on the night was led by dresses from Alex Perry on Catriona Rowntree and Megan Gale and rock chick Ruby Rose in an uber-groovy, outer space, short black number plus Myer fashionista Jennifer Hawkins in a little white number that had some betting she forgot to put on her undies. No VPL anywhere to be seen!

Sigrid Thornton was looking hot and sexy in a short black lace dress with her dark hair cut in a Mia Farrow pixie cut. Meanwhile, Home and Away hottie Esther Andrson stole the show in a Grecian inspired frock and hair in a casual ponytail.

Natalie Bassingthwaite was looking glowing in her cocktail frock with gorgeous baby bump as an accessory but looks like she ran out of time to go to the hairdressers with a bun and strange alice band keeping her hair back. Her Rogue Traders mates came with sunglasses on looking suitably rockstar like amongst the clean cut soapie stars.

Other notebale mentions have to go to Lavinia Nixon, who looked gorgeous in a full length beaded gown and Claudia Karvan who dared to be different in a revealing suit dress.

Things that make you go mmmmmmm….Georgie Parker who was reportedly in a $99 Katies dress? Seems like a bizarre choice for the Logies, but Katies Management won’t be complaining when women flock to the stores for one just like it. Whilst Master Chef judge Matt Preston wore a velvet jacket that looked like he borrowed from his younger and skinnier brother? Gorgeous jacket but shouldn’t you get the right size when going to an event like that? And of course the night would not be complete without TV personality Susie Elelman arriving at the Logies about 5 minutes after her boobs! Someone should tell her to put them away – no one needs to see that on prime time tv!

By Ruby Harris

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