Donald Trump Officially Claims GOP Nomination


Hatred of Hillary Clinton unites Republicans.

After a day clouded by plagiarism claims against his wife, Melania, Donald Trump officially nabbed the Republican nomination for President of the United States on Tuesday night.

But the party is far from united in supporting Trump; during the roll-call that kicked off Tuesday night’s events at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, 721 delegates voted for other candidates. That’s the highest number of dissenters since 1976, when the Republican nomination was contested.

The main thing the party seems to agree on is their hatred of Hillary Clinton.

Former candidate Ben Carson gave a rambling speech, saying the country “may never recover” if Clinton becomes president. He even tried to associate her with the devil – yes, the devil – saying that she is an admirer of radical Saul Alinsky, who “acknowledges Lucifer.”

New Jersey governor Chris Christie also spoke Tuesday night. He used his time at the podium to levy charges against Clinton, holding her responsible for 400,000 deaths in Syria and for the terrorist group Boko Haram’s kidnapping of 234 girls in Nigeria, among other things. He led the crowd in chanting, “lock her up, lock her up!”

Although Trump’s family, including daughter Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald, Jr., cheered and celebrated, many chairs in the convention hall remained empty, and some delegates stayed seated. The mood was an overall somber one, and the convention floor cleared out long before the program ended.

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