Don’t let the Winter Blues get you down

June 11, 2010

Shesaid’s favourite feel-good tips:

• Smile! It costs nothing plus it gives you an instant facelift.

• Go outside into the sun, close your eyes, tilt you head toward the sun and feel the warmth on your face.

• Breathe deeply as often as you can to get oxygen inside your lungs.

• Rent an old movie and cuddle up with someone you care about under a blanket with a huge bowl of buttered popcorn.

• Do a random act of kindness for someone that will make their life happier and less stressed.

• Hug a pet. Pets have an amazing way of making you feel happy. Probably the unconditional love.

• Don’t bring your troubles from work home. Home is a place to get away from your work life.

• Drink a vegetable and fruit mixed smoothie in the morning and you will notice the difference!

• Write a proper letter, email can be so impersonal.

• Go for a walk with a friend. It’s active and a good way to catch up.

What are your favourite ways to make you feel-good? Share your top tips with us!

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