Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

December 17, 2013
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The Christmas and New Year period is the peak time of year for ditching a dud date and finding a new fling. So it’s the perfect  time to revamp your online dating profile and get back in the dating game!

Online dating guru and Oasis.com CEO Dave Heysen shares his insider tips to make your profile work hard for you this party season.

DO refresh your profile
The way your profile is written can depend heavily on the mood you were in on the day you wrote it. If it’s been a few weeks since you last edited your profile, why not revisit what you wrote. Maybe there is something new to share about yourself or a part of the profile you feel like changing. And always spell-check! Spelling might not be important for you, but for some it’s a deal breaker.

DON’T follow the crowd
Nowadays, the online dating pond is more like a vast ocean. Don’t let yourself get lost in the sea of dates. Remember to be yourself, be original and don’t get caught up in the idea of what others expect you to be and say. If you are witty, then your profile should be witty. If you are more serious, it’s okay for your profile to be a little more serious. As long as your tone is friendly and positive, people will enjoy hearing what you have to say.

DO upload new photos
You can tell a lot about someone within seconds of looking at their profile picture, so it’s no surprise that photos are the single most important part of any online dating profile for both men and women. Make sure your profile is full of great quality, recent photos of yourself looking great – and that means smiling and having a good time. That might be a photo of you out with friends, with your family or relaxing a home  – whatever you enjoy doing most. The more happy, confident and relaxed you look, the more likely you are to have success.

DON’T forget who you’re trying to impress
While photos can be a huge help, a bad photo can also be a real hindrance. Women tend to avoid guys that upload photos of themselves in big groups of mates, holding beer cans or flexing their muscles in the bathroom. While these macho displays might impress their mates, they’re unlikely to win points in the dating scene. In the same way, women tend to upload their own awkward selfies, pulling ‘duck face’, wearing large sunglasses and too much make up – all things that frustrate men who just want to see what the woman really looks like!

DO act now!
Don’t put off dating until the new year. Start now by using online dating search functions and apps to help you find potential dates in your local area. Once you locate the singles in your area, you can narrow your search by preferences and start chatting. No excuses!

While these few rules are aimed to help you navigate your way through summer, remember that online dating is supposed to be fun. So be yourself, keep your profile fresh and get involved!

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