Dr Katrina Warren’s semi charmed life

September 10, 2009

TV Vet Dr Katrina Warren talks to us about motherhood, the media and the makeup products she just can’t live without!

What is a normal day like for you?

“Nothing is normal! Half my week is playing Mum so I spend a lot of time at playgrounds and playgroups. The other half is extremely varied and can involve work in all types of media- print, radio, TV. I spend a lot of time (too much for my liking) on the computer-writing articles or working on my website www.drkatrina.com.”

Why did you become a vet?

“I can’t remember a time when I did not want to work with animals. I also went to an agricultural high school, which had a big emphasis on science, and I was steered towards veterinary science by teachers. I have a lot of respect for my colleagues who work in vet practice as it can be a tough job and extremely sad when people lose their pets. I was not strong enough to deal with that aspect and always ended up in tears when pets passed away.”

How did you turn that into a TV career?

“When I graduated, I decided I wasn’t cut out for working in a clinic and sent my resume around to a pile of TV shows hoping for a job as a researcher for animal stories. I landed a job on the children’s show, Totally Wild working as a researcher but that evolved into being a presenter. It was a wonderful experience and I learnt the ropes of the TV industry.”

Biggest career highlight?

“I’ve had so many special times but probably co-hosting Carols In The Domain. It is such a feel-good event and it is just wonderful to stand on the stage in front of a sea of candles and thousands of people having a good time.”

What is your advice for women wanting to get into media?

“Do the hard yards and learn how the industry works. These days people who are able to multitask are at a huge advantage, so learn everything- how to produce, edit, present etc.”

Tell us a bit about the charities you’re involved in…

“Assistance Dogs Australia- they provide trained dogs for people with physical disabilities other than blindness. These dogs can make a remarkable difference to the lives of their carers by providing them with companionship and a level of independence.

Animals Asia Foundation- rescue Moon Bears from hideous bear bile farms in China and Vietnam. They rehabilitate the bears and provide them with a pain free life on their sanctuaries. It is unimaginable the way these poor bears are treated and the goal of Animals Asia is to close every bear bile farm and free every bear.

WIRES – Wildlife Information and Rescue Service. Our Aussie wildlife are really struggling with loss of habitat. WIRES do a tireless job of rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife.”

How do you stay in shape?

“It is a lot harder now I have a child as I can’t exercise whenever I feel like it. I walk as much as possible and try to do 2-3 gym classes a week (pump and spin) but I would love to do more.”

What is your beauty routine?

“These days, I keep it very basic and really just make sure my face is thoroughly cleansed morning and night and then moisturized properly. I am addicted to the Estee Lauder Ultimate Lifting Serum and Ultimate Youth crème- these are pretty much the only products I am using at the moment as they keep my skin hydrated all day and night without blocking my pores. And I always wear block out – it is a crime not to these days!”

My funniest high school memory is … “winning the under water pash contest when I was thirteen. Who even thought to do that?”

Right now I am obsessed with … “Thai massages. There is a cheap and cheerful place near me and I am addicted to the 30-minute head and neck massage.”

My favourite place to eat is … “Rambutan on Oxford Street – delicious Thai, great atmosphere and fun bar downstairs.”

My can’t-live-without-it beauty product is … “a product called Spackle which I found in LA. You wear it under foundation and it gives my skin a great glow. I start to panic when the bottle is low!”

My fave place to shop is … “Me and Moo at Bondi Beach.”

At the moment I am reading … “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Tieg Larsson and A Modern Dog’s Life by Paul McGreevie.”

My favourite saying is … “to thine own self be true.”

One person I would love to meet is … “Barack Obama.”

My favourite hotel in the world is … “Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island.”

Right now I am looking forward to … “a week in Byron Bay.”

Dr Katrina Warren is the ambassador for www.votemypet.com.au
Australia’s fun competition for dogs and cats to become the new face of Advocate.

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