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Dr Sandra Cabot’s Liver Health Tips

Dr Sandra Cabot’s Liver Health Tips

We’ve all over-indulged this summer – endless parties, rich food and summer drinking. But now it’s time to get your liver into recovery mode so that 2014 is your healthiest year ever.

Did you know two million Australians suffer with liver disease? The liver tends to be the forgotten organ and yet it helps us in a variety of ways, including regulating fat metabolism and cholesterol levels, cleaning our bloodstream and removing toxic chemicals, producing energy to assist in our general wellbeing and manufacturing essential proteins and hormones.

Liver overload and dysfunction can be the cause of many health problems. Whist rapidly acting 24 to 48 hour liver detox kits have become popular, they will not be able to reverse a fatty liver or produce sustained improvement in liver function.  The good news is that liver problems are often completely reversible and the liver is able to repair and regenerate itself – just don’t wait til it’s too late!

The “Liver Doctor”, Doctor Sandra Cabot, author of the new book, Save your Gallbladder Naturally, shares her top tips to improve liver health:

1. Drink plenty of fluids such as water, herbal teas or weak black tea to hydrate all your cells and flush out toxins.

2. Increase the amount of raw plant food in your diet such as raw fruits and vegetable salads.

3. Take a good liver tonic to improve your liver function – there are various nutrients that support healthy liver function such as folic acid, the B vitamins, selenium, and turmeric.

4. Avoid the unhealthy fats found in processed margarines, processed foods and deep fried foods – these unhealthy fats contains trans-fatty acids which disrupt cellular metabolism.

5. Reduce your consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates found in refined grain flours.

6. Protect yourself against toxic chemicals such as solvents, glues, plastics and insecticides.

7. Do not over indulge in alcohol, soft drinks, sugary drinks and diet drinks containing aspartame.

What are your health goals for the year?

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