Fast Hair Tips for Winter

July 3, 2001

Whenever it hits winter my hair goes into the worst case of the uglies. I don’t know if it is the cold temperatures or the constant wind blowing it everywhere and anywhere. Since I don’t really want to wear a hat all winter I needed to get some fast hair tips. I spoke with hairdresser Jason from Valonz, Sydney who was willing to give me a few good pointers on looking after my hair and getting back some lustre.

Make sure there is plenty of moisture in your apartment. Cause it’s cold outside we tend to sit indoors with a heater on. Invest in a humidifier or just put a pot of water somewhere in the house. If you check that bowl frequently you will notice how much water has evaporated. Imagine what it is happening to your hair – scary stuff!!!

Get your hair cut regularly. Try to go at least six to eight weeks. Although it does vary from individual to individual.

Do frequent deep conditioning on your hair. You can get some great deep conditioning treatments from the chemist or from your hairdresser. Put one in, wrap your head in plastic and plonk yourself in front of the television. The longer you leave it in your hair the better it is.

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