Life Coaching Makes Dreams Come True

January 1, 2001

I had just returned from London heartbroken, rich but miserable with a dodgy English accent. Kyrstie was plodding along in groovy Paddington living the high life, but had opted out of mainstream accounting to pursue a ‘people focus, helping others’ role in recruitment. The two us met in an interview scenario some three years ago. This was only the beginning, little did we know, the ‘universe’ had other plans. We met again through mutual ‘friends’ at a party soon after. We were both working in recruitment and we were direct competitors, so it took some months for us to acknowledge one another. It takes so much energy to hold your life together, just to handle the day to day things, there seemed little time to get to know someone new.

As time went by the struggle for happiness for both of us was too much to cope with. Our worlds collapsed. I had dreams of living an unconventional life. After working in recruitment for a year I began studying to become a Naturopath. I read every spiritual book I could get my hands on and went to endless seminars and workshops.

Kyrstie finally came to the realisation that being stoic and hard-nosed was not in her character. The city drove her nuts, literally, so she traded her corporate career to sell flowers and work in a video shop whilst pursuing her own personal development journey.

We hung together at the beach and coffee shops, swapped psycho- babble books and cried and cried. After 6 months we were running low on money, so we took the plunge and enrolled in courses. We knew our skills, identified our strengths and created the job of our dreams. Rather than pursuing what our parents, partners and friends expected, we listened to ourselves. Taking time out helped us both find some clarity about what we really wanted, which was to achieve happiness and balance.

After endless self- analysis there came a time for action. Coaching provided the solution. We both have experienced being coached and undertook training to become coaches ourselves, prior to developing our own methodology.

Our spin on coaching is:

Your life is your choice, make it happen the way you want it.

Coaching is about being the BEST you can be and being happy and balanced whilst achieving it.

No More Excuses

We all make excuses for not taking action about something we are unhappy, for not moving forward. One of our primary excuses was our emotional state. It’s at the top of the REASONS agenda. I’m either exhausted, tired, sad or angry, I can’t possibly go out or complete the work I set out to finish today. Understanding how powerful this is in our lives, and how it prevents us from achieving what we want, is magical.

A new way of thinking

Acknowledged your beliefs and learn to control your negative thoughts. If you change your thoughts, your feelings also change and your reality will take on a new focus. This may seems difficult, but it is really very simple. Committing to new positive beliefs is the key to changing your world. This means throwing away everything that hasn’t worked for you previously, and being brave enough to tackle life from a new angle. If you do focus your energy on a particular outcome, you really can create what you want.

Stop dwelling on your unhappiness
The is a big one- we love telling our ‘poor me’ stories. Think of how much time you spend talking to family, partners and friends about what’s not working out. We all need to get things off our chest, but sometimes, this constant whining about what’s wrong with our lives can become a self- fulfilling prophecy. If you keep talking about it, it’s not going to change, no matter how much sympathy you get.

“Do one thing everyday that scares you” and you will live the life you’ve imagined.

For further information on life coaching or to book a session contact Kyrstie Dunn on (02) 9362 5182 &, or Sarah McIntyre on (02) 9362 1242 &

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