Dress Right For Your Leg Type

December 28, 2011
Hate your thighs? Concerned about your calves? It’s summer and time to show off your legs, so celebrity stylist Donny Galella has joined forces with Australia’s leading hair removal expert Veet to offer some tips on looking after your legs and which length is right for you so you can step out with confidence!


“The Giselle”

Leg Type: Giselle is a great example of the straight up, straight down, skinny leg – think long and think thin. Sound like you?

Style Solutions:

1. To add shape and formation to the leg try wearing heels as these will help to flex your calf creating a muscular appearance.

2. Match your dainty legs with a petite heel, such as the stiletto. Avoid chunky heels and thick wedges as these will look bulky on your narrow pins.

3. To create the illusion of shape throughout the leg, choose a heel with a rounded toe. A pointed heel will generate a sharp and angular look.

4. Flatter your ‘Giselle’ legs with knee skimming skirts and dresses. These lower hemlines will cover your thighs, which are usually the areas of concern.

5. If you’re after a shapely leg-look from the waist down, go for clothes that help create the illusion of looking curvier. Peplum style dresses, skirts with pleats or with pocket detail will provide some extra volume around the hip and waist area. For a more casual option, cargo style shorts help to offer some extra hip action. Full A-line skirts and dresses are also your friend.

“The Mischa”

Leg Type: Do you carry weight around the ankles and calves? Then you have the same leg type as the beautiful Kelly Clarkson, Mischa Barton and Jennifer Love Hewitt! Create the illusion of having gorgeous shapely legs by following our top tips below.

Style Solutions:

1.Embrace the legs you have and have fun with fashion! Having thicker ankles doesn’t mean that long hemlines are your only closet friend! Try experimenting with the ‘mullet’ hemline – this hemline is shorter in the front and longer at the back. This is a very clever way to show that little bit of leg without having to reveal it all. The ‘mullet’ hemline is very on trend so enjoy!

2. Elongate the leg with a raised heel or wedge. Avoid shoes with embellished trims or details such as rosettes or feathers as these will just draw further attention to this area.

3. Embrace your legs but stay clear of statement shoes featuring bold colours or prints. Instead, wear a statement pair of earrings or necklace, as this will draw attention to the top half of your body and away from your lower leg. Stay clear of statement.

“The Beyonce”

Leg Type: You are a bootylicious beauty who has more shapely legs, thighs and bottom. Embrace your stunning pear shape and follow in the footsteps of J Lo, Kim K and Beyonce when it comes to style.

Style Solutions:

1. Expose your pins but opt for skirts and dresses that skim over your hips and thighs – A-line style skirts and dresses are your wardrobe must buys. Ensure your skirt or dress pinches in at the waistline and under the bust to make the most of your womanly figure. The on-trend 1950’s fuller skirts are also extremely flattering styles.
Fuller leg shapes can be balanced out by wearing shoes with a more solid heel or wedge. The shops are full of wedges this summer so go to town!

2. Love your legs but don’t want to draw even more attention to them? Then avoid chunky bracelets as these will attract focus to your lower half and when holding your favourite fashionista, statement clutch bag, hold it under your armpit rather than by your side. Clasping your clutch near your thigh draws attention to them.

3. Get your legs out on the beach with confidence this summer by opting for a clever cover up as your ultimate beach accessory. Try a cropped sarong tied around your lower half for a chic summer look. Alternatively, wear a brightly coloured bikini top and a dark bikini bottom to draw attention to your top half.

“The Kylie”

Leg Type: You have petite, shorter length legs like our very own Kylie Minogue and look at your long-legged friends with envy.

Style Solutions:

1. Have a petite leg? Then the nude heel is your wardrobe essential! Sporting a pair of nude platform heels will give the illusion of longer, sleeker legs. Look for a nude tone that matches your skin colour and avoid shoes with an ankle strap as these will cut your leg at the wrong place, making you look and feel shorter than you are.

2. Try wearing vertical stripes or prints that run vertically to help your legs look lengthened. These will help make you appear taller and slimmer. Avoid horizontal stripes as these will only make you look shorter and wider. This is fashion 101!

3. Go for skirts or dresses that finish above the knee to make the most of your petite pins. If you’re feeling brave, consider hemlines even a couple of inches above the knee, as this will help your legs look even more elongated.

Beautiful Flaws

So you’re happy with your leg shape style but still concerned about exposing those unsightly blemishes and imperfections. Don’t fear, Donny has some tips which will have you flashing your pins with confidence….

Never feel you can’t get your legs out or wear a shorter hemline because of the certain cosmetic concerns, such as appearance of veins, cellulite or scars. Donny recommends covering your legs in a gorgeous coat of fake tan. This will add a summer glow whilst helping to conceal any blemishes or imperfections.

Lastly, remember you can always show off your pins with confidence even if the area of concern is your legs. Simply divert all attention away from this body region by drawing all eyes north. Wear bright colours on your top half, darker colours on your lower half, wear bold statement earrings or a necklace or colourful print scarf around your neck. You have the power to control where people look!

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