Dressing For Your Age

June 22, 2010

Dressing For Your Age

We’re not ones to tell you to ‘wear this’ or ‘wear that’, but there are some style pointers that never go astray. Think of this as the words of wisdom your imaginary best friend-cum-fashion editor would share with you, as you stare blankly into your wardrobe.


Now is the time to have fun with fashion.

* Accentuate your favourite asset, say your legs or back, but don’t go overboard. Micro-minis don’t impress as much as they do on the catwalk.

* Consider the fine line between sexy and skanky.

* Mix it up – boyfriend jeans and heels? A suit jacket and shorts? Pearls and cargos?

* See your hair as the ultimate accessory. Asymmetric cuts, brave colour – it works in Hollywood and can work for you.

28-year-old Amber Rose is the epitome of fun, young fashion


When you’re somewhere between Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York.

* Your personal style will have emerged by now, so it’s time to be ruthless with your wardrobe and purge the polyester boob tubes and cork wedges. Start fresh.

* Your heart says fluro, but your lifestyle says preppy. Inject old favourites into your new grown-up wardrobe, like a silk cami under a classic suit, or super bright ballets with your jeans-and-tee routine.

* It’s a cliche but for a reason: invest in timeless pieces. We’re not talking Chanel suit, but instead of five synthetic bags that will fray in to time, buy one beautiful leather bag that will take you from work to weekend.

* Get the jeans right. You might have loved low risers in your 20s, but your new body shape means that high waist jeans with stretch hide the muffin top and feel even sexier.

Mr K black dress from the Flirt S/S 2010 range, sizes 14-24


Get to know what works for your body, once and for all.

* Dare we say it: put it away? When you see babes in their forties, like Elle Macpherson and Naomi Watts, flashing less flesh and going for class, you know it’s the way to go.

* Knee length is the ideal length for skirts.

* Bigger boobs suit V-neck tops paired with long necklaces to elongate the decolletage.

* 2-inch heels work for short and tall women, to lengthen the body while still being comfortable.

* There’s a lot of empire line tops and dresses out there, but leave them. They don’t flatter any body shape.

* The ideal top is slightly longer and figure-hugging (but not skin tight). Make sure they end at the hip or skim the bottom. Create shape with belts and longer, fitted cardigans.

* Alterations are a necessity. Most clothes are still designed for long limbs, and unless you get them nipped and tucked, you’ll look sloppy, no matter how much you spent.

Elle nails the v-neck top, cardigan and belt combo, perfect for any body shape

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