DVD Review – Bedazzled: Special Edition

March 13, 2002

A re-working of the minor Dudley Moore and Peter Cooke ’60s comedy classic that infamously featured Racquel Welch as the seven deadly sin ‘Lust’, the basic story line of Bedazzled is itself merely a variation on the age old Faustian theme – a person who sells their soul to the devil for love, riches, immortality? (insert suitable enticement here).In the original Bedazzled, this perennial morality tale was warped and re-fashioned to delightfully ridiculous if lightweight comic effect, with the devious, wily, British foppishness of Cook effectively pitted against the dimwitted Two Ronnies buffoonery of Moore. Relocated to America and given a devilish boob job three decades later, the new <Bedazzled perhaps lacks some of the original’s frothy comedic oomph – after all, it was a pretty stale concept even way back then, not withstanding the cheeky decision to upgrade Satan to the role of mischievous seductress with flawless supermodel beauty.

However, the remake is saved by two key factors. Firstly, Brendan Fraser is a delectable hunk with a genuine comic flair, who is always eminently watchable, even when his films aren’t. Secondly, Liz Hurley has great fun with the role of Satan, giving the film a sparky, nudge-nudge Benny Hill meets Not The 9 O’Colck News playfulness. Add to that a solid Special Edition package, complete with behind-the-scenes featurette, entertaining interactive menus, deleted scenes and two engaging audio commentaries, and you have a sturdy little DVD performer that’s just perfect for an undemanding Saturday night at home on the couch.

Available from www.totaldvd.com.au for only $27.95

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