DVD Review – “The Mexican”

March 13, 2002

Somewhat of a box office and critical disappointment on release last year, even despite the presence of two of Hollywood’s most bankable and acclaimed stars in Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, nevertheless The Mexican is still a much better film than many have given it credit for. Definitely worth picking up on DVD, this meandering but engaging comedy thriller is an unexpected, quirky delight that should please more than just the usual posse of Pitt and Roberts fans.

Cheekily blending smart snappy dialogue, a convoluted plot, tangential storytelling and a healthy disrespect for the marquee pulling power of its five star headline cast, The Mexican was poo-poo-ed on release for giving the audience too few (and too short) scenes featuring both key stars on screen together at the same time. Ironically, however, this is also arguably one of the film’s great strengths.

By not subjugating story and style to the box-office-centric demands of star power, The Mexican manages to rise above the usual problems associated with modern Hollywood star vehicles, delivering a distinctive film with a real sense of character, place and an engagingly unpredictable story. The film has also been given a smashing Collector’s Edition package, replete with commentary, deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage. Like Molly says, do yourself a favour.

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