How To Earn A 6-Figure Salary – In Mining

August 10, 2014
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Most of us have heard that the mining industry, in Australia, is booming. The only thing is, when people want to apply, they often hit a brick wall. This perplexing issue sends many people packing and they opt for much lower-paying jobs. Seeing it can be a tricky industry to get your foot in the door; I’ve spoken to some people employed in the industry, who have some great recommendations.

Essentially, people get into the mining industry a couple of ways. It seems the easiest way in, is to know someone who can either recommend you or give you some insider information. If you do have some connections, make the calls, do some networking and find out the following information:

  • The name of different companies, plus who have got upcoming contracts or positions to fill
  • What sort of skills you should look at acquiring to improve your chance of securing a job
  • Where to look for mining work and more importantly, which options to avoid. Some companies will ask for money up front to look for mining jobs, with no guarantee of actually securing a position
  • The types of jobs available and the conditions you’ll need to work or live in

Apart from knowing someone in the industry, the next best thing is list your skills in a professional looking resume and keep sending it off. Persistence is the key. Some companies want to know you are keen to work for them. They want to see the effort you are willing to put in, to secure a job with them.

So, don’t just send a resume in and wait. This won’t get you anywhere. Unless you are the best engineer or skilled professional on the planet and your reputation proceeds you, don’t sit back and wait for a call. An insider source said, that nagging companies can really pay off. Your name will become familiar to human resource staff, if you continue to submit your resume. Eventually, the hard work may pay off.

They won’t just let anyone in though. You will need to have some required skills and knowledge. Check mining industry websites and see what positions they have vacant. There are minimal positions for unqualified staff, so your best chance, if you really want to enter this industry, is to get some qualifications.

Getting your foot in the door should be your first priority. You will need minimal restrictions and be prepared to work and live in remote locations; often in difficult climates. Having this flexibility is attractive for big companies, who are inundated with employment requests. Therefore, you will need something special to reach out of your resume and say “hire me!”

Lastly, once you’re in the industry, there is a much greater chance of maintaining employment. This enables you to follow the work and keep the cash rolling in. Many companies offer training to increase your skill set and it is advised, you take full advantage of these opportunities.

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By Kim Chartres

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