Earth Hour

March 23, 2010

Saturday March 27 at 8.30pm is Earth Hour. What better time to get on board and reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s how!

* Burn greener, cleaner Ecoya candles this weekend as part of Earth Hour. Made from natural soy wax rather than paraffin produced by the petroleum industry they burn for a third longer and produce 90% less carbon soot into the atmosphere! They are also completely biodegradable and Australian made,

* Invest in power-boards with “off” switches, so you can turn off standby power at night – by turning appliances like TVs off at the wall, it doesn’t waste energy and carbon.

* Install energy efficient lights – they run on a fraction of the energy and will last a lot longer.

* Seal all those gaps and cracks in the house – this will save on the heating in winter.

* Get the dripping taps fixed – this will save water and also energy if it’s the hot tap.

* Try a meat-free day once a week – producing beef uses large amount of water.

* Ditch the take away coffee cup and get a re-usable one – this will reduce landfill.

* Only buy recycled toilet paper – it’s got a lot better since the early days, and it means less forest destruction for a clean bum!

* Make a committment to walk, ride or take public transport to work regularly – it will save money, and help you stay fit.

* Cut out one flight this year – air travel contributes a lot of greenhouse gases. Choosing to holiday closer to home, or avoiding business travel with teleconferencing, can make a really big difference.

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