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July 6, 2009

Always wanted celeb-worthy curls but can’t be bothered (or just can’t) do them yourself? Editor, Melissa, tests out the latest DIY phenomenon.

How can I get chic, sexy waves?

If you’re anything like me you’d love gorgeous, styled hair every day but the thought of waking up earlier to stand in front of the bathroom mirror for ages makes you reach for the hair elastic every time. Well you can thanks the hair Gods because there’s now a super simple tool that gives you day or night waves in a matter of minutes.

Developed by leading celebrity hair stylist, Dario Cotroneo, MyCurl came about because he noticed the difficulty his clients – and even professional hair & make-up artists – were having trying to curl or wave their hair using straightening irons. I for one have spent ages trying to curl my hair with a straightener only to wind up with very un-sexy Jane Austen-style ringlets!

So Dario and his team at DCI Institute embarked on a two-year mission to
design a unique styling iron accessory (see picture below) that effortlessly creates gorgeous
curls, volume and movement in minutes. It’s heat-resistant technology allows it to be safely used with any brand of thermal straightener – good news for all us ghd fans.

How do you use MyCurl?

Follow these simple three-steps:

1. Separate hair into five sections: one on each side of the face in front of ears and three even sections at the back. Lightly spray each section
with a protective thermal product, roll ends around MyCurl and secure
with the first strap.

2. Continue rolling remaining hair and secure the second strap towards
the roots.

3. Clamp with a straightening iron for three seconds, remove the iron and
allow hair to cool for 15 minutes while you continue getting ready (or you can switch your hairdryer to cool and give them a blast). Release all of the MyCurls, flip hair over and tousle gently with fingers. Flip hair back, spray with a holding product and voila!

What did SheSaid think of MyCurl?

I gave it a go last Friday and have posted the picture results for you to see. It truely was super easy! I had just three MyCurls in my hair because I wanted a softer look as I was on my way to a lunch with friends. But if you wanted more of a “party girl” look you would simply put more MyCurls in.

It was incredibly windy on Friday so, while my curls did last well into the night, I’d suggest using a strong hair product if you want to it hold for a long period of time and have thick hair like me. A good tip Dario showed me was to spritz hairspray onto a make-up brush and run it over your flyaways and curls. He also said you should always spray your hairspray up onto your curls rather than down onto your crown. That way the spray just falls onto your hair giving it a softer, less greasy look.

The MyCurl kit is really cute too. Just pop it in your handbag and take it to work to refresh your locks for a night out. There are tons of hairstyles you can do and they are all demonstrated via videos on the MyCurl website which you can check out at http://mycurl.me/pages/videos.

They really are handy things for anyone who wants to vary their look and only has a few minutes to do it. I enjoyed having curls for a day because there’s something playful yet sophisticated about them. Now if I could just get my roots done as quickly …

Want to give them a go? For more info or to purchase MyCurl, $89 (box of 6) visit www.mycurl.me or call (02) 9380 2246 for details.

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