How To Easily Walk In High Heels

May 23, 2015
How To Easily Walk In High Heels

Do you often find yourself lusting after a pair of high heels, but hesitate to buy them because they’re just too steep? Now, we’re not suggesting you should strictly stick to kitten heels, but there are a few ways to look confident whilst walking in those 5-inch shoes (with or without a platform).

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Heel to toe

Make sure all of your weight is sitting on the heel of your foot. This makes everything feel much more comfortable, especially if you’re wearing heels for prolonged periods of time (without a chance to sit down!).


Sometimes buying online seems mighty tempting, especially if there’s a sale and you can’t be bothered trolling through the racks for your size. Despite this, make sure you’re actually buying the correct size for your foot – otherwise walking in high heels could be a nightmare.

Take into account the style of the shoe – whether it’s a boot, wedge, or even an open-toed sandal. If they just don’t feel right, take them back. It’s probably worth the extra cash if you’re shipping it back.

Take it slow

The only way to really learn how to walk in heels is to take it one step at a time. Start on a surface such as a rug or even carpet, since it’s actually more stable. Put on your heels, and give them a trial run around the house for about half an hour. This means that you’ll also be breaking them in, so they will be much easier to walk in later on.

Sturdy soles

Most stiletto heels are actually really uncomfortable – this is just a general fact of life, unfortunately! Your toes will probably be slipping through the front and all the pressure is pretty much on the arch of your foot. To take the stress out of your arch, use a gel pad and apply it over this section of the shoe. Not only will it keep your foot in place, but will help you shift your weight to the heels instead.

What are some of your tips for walking in heels? Share with us (and enable our shopping addiction) in the comments below.

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