Easter Easy Reads

April 20, 2011

It Happened One Summer by Polly Williams

Published by Headline RRP: $32.99

Nell Stockdale is in a pretty good place, managing to combine a full-on career with single motherhood, a lovely flat, great girlfriends, and a sexy younger man on the scene. But her mother is very ill. Will she return to the family’s large, damp Cornish farmhouse to care for her? Normally Nell keeps her family at arm’s length. Her sister is engaged to Nell’s ex big love, and she has never got on with her eccentric, distant mother. But something powerful is pulling her back to Cornwall…

Meanwhile, in Banbury, April James has finally found the courage to leave safe married domesticity and head south on a mission too, convinced that the Stockdales once played a part in her life. One handsome man will enchant both Nell and April. And as the women’s paths cross, dark family secrets, hidden for a generation, change all their lives forever…

44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel

Published by Random House RRP: $32.95

44 Charles Street presents some of the real issues of today’s ever changing world, where life is not quite as simple as it was many years ago. In the book, the main female character is faced with trying not to lose her house or business after a break-up with a long term live in boyfriend, and trying to untangle their commingled financial interests. To try and make ends meet and not lose her house, she decides to take in 3 roommates, and the fun begins.

The First – a sweet young girl, who immerses herself in internet dating, sometimes to a frightening degree.

The second – a mysterious divorced man, with an irresistible seven year old son.

The third – a famous, recently widowed female chef, who loves the other residents of the house, uses them as a testing lab for her fabulous gourmet meals, and unexpectedly finds love.

Danielle Steel is a staple in any household, pick it up and devour it in its entirety!

The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted by Bridget Asher

Published by Allen & Unwin RRP: $27.99

Every good love story has another love hiding within it.

Brokenhearted, still mourning the loss of her husband, Heidi travels with Abbott, her troubled eight-year-old son, and Charlotte, her intolerably jaded sixteen-year-old niece, to spend the summer repairing their family home in a small village in the south of France.

The rundown stone house in Provence has been in the family for generations and is the centre of a lovely myth. The family tells and retells stories of the magical properties entwined around the old stones – in many different ways, this house has healed broken hearts and made miracles happen.
There, thousands of miles from home, Charlotte makes a shocking confession, and Heidi learns the truth about her mother’s ‘lost summer’ — a time Heidi and her sister had learned not to ask about many years ago.

Under the Influence by Jacqueline Lunn …

Published by Random House RRP : $32.95…

Eve Hardy is exactly where she wants to be in life. She is a successful concert cellist for the Royal Opera, living with her handsome partner in his London apartment. Everything is possible. …

Sarah lives in Sydney with her husband and two young children. She thrives on being the centre of their world. When the sudden death of their old school friend Meg brings them back together for her funeral in country New South Wales, it is time to face the past and the secret they all shared. …

A secret that began at boarding school with that girl, Rebecca Thornton – beautiful, wanted, gifted at maths, English and spotting losers who didn’t know they were losers yet. A schoolgirl secret that changed the women they became. …

Sometimes, you can bury your past. Sometimes, the past tries to bury you. …

Less Than Perfect by Ber Carroll

Published by Pan Macmillian RRP $25.00

Can we ever really leave our past behind?

From an early age, Caitlin O’Reilly was taught by her father to strive for nothing short of perfection. Growing up in a small town in the North of Ireland, she tries to live up to his expectations, and when she goes to university and falls in love for the first time, she thinks everything really is perfect. Until one day when the town, her love and her family, are completely destroyed.

Ten years later, Caitlin has created a new life for herself in Melbourne, leaving her past and her family firmly behind. But when she meets Matthew and finds herself falling in love again, what happened in Ireland is suddenly closer and more relevant than ever, unearthing all the hurts and betrayals and secrets she has tried so hard to bury. As Caitlin’s life reaches another crisis point, it seems that there is nothing she can do to keep her past and her present from colliding…

This is an emotionally gripping story about love, forgiveness and less-than-perfect families.

What are you excited about reading this Easter?

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