3 Easy Pregnancy Exercises For The Third Trimester

February 3, 2014

During your third trimester it’s completely normal to feel exhausted by even small amounts of exercise. However, as you get closer to your little one’s delivery, exercise is an important part of making sure your labour goes smoothly. Try these easy pregnancy exercises to stay in top shape during your third trimester.

As easy as a walk in the park
You might notice it’s a little harder to breath as you slip from the second trimester to the third; it’s normal for the baby bulge and swelling to compress the lungs. Despite how much harder that makes walking, it’s important to find a way to keep a little bit of cardio in your routine. It will help to reduce physiological stress, making labour much easier.

But when you can barely get off the couch, how do you handle the treadmill? First, consider a change in scenery. By walking through a local park or just around the block, you can spend time with nature, helping to reduce stress by spending time outdoors in the fresh air. Not only that, but it’s easier to go at your own pace.

At this stage of pregnancy, t’s best to keep walks down to 10 minutes, at around half of the speed you think you can walk. It’s still important to squeeze in a half hour to an hour, but spread it out over the course of the day rather than all at once.

Take to the water
Like the last exercise, this pregnancy exercise keeps things simple. With all of the extra weight and the swelling, the water helps to relax your muscles by providing a sense of weightlessness. During this time in your pregnancy, you’re probably dealing with pain from swollen ankles; spending some time in the water will help to reduce the soreness.

Stretch it out with prenatal yoga
Prenatal yoga is one of the best ways to spend the last trimester of your pregnancy. This form of yoga helps to not only prepare your body for labour physically, but also mentally. Even after the yoga session is over, your body will be in a greater state of relaxation, and mentally you may feel less anxious. Yoga will give you a handle on deep breathing long before the delivery date. As you near your due date, focus less on the stretches and more on deep breathing.

The key thing to remember about exercise in the third trimester is to keep it simple and short. It’s best to focus on easy exercises. Most importantly, check in to make sure you aren’t overdoing it; always bring water whenever you exercise, even on a short walk. Space out your exercise, working out every other day, and as you get closer to your delivery date relax!

What are your favourite third trimester exercises?

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