Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

July 27, 2014

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of a makeup routine, since they give definition to the eyes and frame the entire face. Although, they are usually over-plucked, not drawn on properly and generally aren’t given the attention they deserve. Follow these tips and tricks on how to get the perfect brows for your face.

Don’t over-pluck

Leave those brows alone! Over-plucking your own brows not only looks unprofessional, but it can lead to nasty in-grown hairs forming at the hair follicle. It is best to pluck any stray hairs, but leave the rest to grow out completely before you choose to shape them yourself.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Fill them in

Even if your brows are thick and dark, it is always best to fill them in. This not only defines the entire brow bone, but disguises any hairless patches within the brow. Shadows and brow pencils are both great to use if you want a quick and easy application. Choose a shade which matches your hair colour – don’t go for much darker colours since this won’t look consistent. Remember to brush through your eyebrows at the end to achieve a natural look.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Trim excess hair

Often you will find that some hair will out-grow the shape of your brows, and it is best to trim them down for a tidy look. Use a small brow brush to comb through the hairs, then trim them slowly from beginning to tip. Trim eyebrows from the top of the brow bone – never the bottom. Brush the hair upwards then trim carefully, following the natural shape.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Create an arch

If your eyebrows don’t naturally have a defined arch, you can easily create one with powder. An accurate way to find your arch is by following the shape and position of your eye. The outer corner of your pupil should be aligned with where the arch should be positioned. Then simply draw it on, and fill in the rest of your brows.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows


Define eyebrows by placing a tiny bit of highlight on the bottom of the brow bone. This place is located right under the arch, and will create the illusion of a angular face. Highlight emphasises where the sun will naturally hit the face, so remember to rub in with your fingers to achieve a more natural look.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows


Once in a while, it is best to treat your eyebrows to a conditioning treatment, especially if they’re growing back. A few drops of castor oil will help to rejuvenate eyebrows, and nourish the hair follicle which will promote faster hair growth and recovery.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Choosing the right colour

Eyebrows should have a natural gradient – lighter in the centre and often darker tones at the tip where the arch is located. A colour 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour will help to define the brow along the tip, and give a natural look. However, never colour in the very beginning of the brow; this makes the entire look seem unnatural.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

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